Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stupid rain!

Why?! Everytime I wash my rains! It has been in the 90's for weeks...and today I wash my car...and tonight when I'm out at a wedding it decides to storm & rain! Lame! I'm so mad!

We actually went in to "The Market" today. Seriously this place looks like it should be in Paris. It is so modern and organic/fancy grocery in the basement, deli/cafe at street level and fancy restaurant upstairs! Jessie would love this place! All those fancy spices and sauces :) Too bad she's in Cali. So Covenant had a canceled camp this week so they are in Nampa until Tuesday! That's why Steph was around for the day...gotta love those canceled she's staying at my house! :)

Okay, so today was amazing. 2nd saturday in a row the girls spent downtown. So much fun! We started at Flying M again...of course, but then headed right over to Honker's to visit Ashleigh. The 4 of us (steph, erika, katie & i) then walked downtown...classic car show!! So cool! Oh my gosh there was a beautiful Pontiac LeMans...and of course lots of chevelle's & corvettes. Even a few Bel Air's and Studebakers!

Tonight, Katie & I worked at a wedding...never seen so many tattoos & piercings on a bridal party :) Interesting...although the weather sucked! So windy!!

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