Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Before 25 List: Second Month Progress

Well sewing isn't the only thing on that list of mine...and if nothing else I at least have to update you on that one monthly item :)

As for new recipes in February...I tried two new ones, both of them were delicious but one of them was also an epic failure. Surprisingly enough its the one I have pictures of :) It was a nutter-butter banana trifle, and let me tell you, it was yummy! However, two of the layers are a homemade pudding...some of you probably know what the problem was just from that one line...but I have never made a homemade pudding before, in fact I'm not sure I've ever made pudding of any kind, even that instant stuff :) (Next time I try this recipe, I WILL be using instant!) So needless to say, the pudding layers did not set....which wouldn't have been so bad if I had had any idea that this was the case, but no, it looked just fine! I mean look:

I thought it was fine! And it sure looked tasty! But as soon as we started spooning it out it was quite clear that something wasn't right...it was a runny mess! boo :( Yet we still ate the whole thing! haha. It was that good! Even as a soup :)

The other recipe was a broccoli, cheese casserole in the crock pot...it was also very tasty and as a crock pot meal SO easy! I love it when I do use my crock pot, but don't seem to use it very often...I should work on that. No, I should say, I am working on that :)

And in other list accomplishments, I finished my Europe scrapbook while I was at my parents last weekend!! It feels so good to be done!! So now its on to catching up the other stacks of pictures I have everywhere!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Things that make me smile...

How awesome are those windows?! And the dark floors? With that sheepskin rug and beautiful sofa? I'm so in love with the elements of this great room! It is gorgeous! And looks so inviting...I think that throw is there just to say "come lounge around with me"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Before 25 List: Second Month Progress

I did a really big thing this weekend! Okay, maybe its not SO big...but I'm proud. Kind of ridiculously so. I attempted that huge scary goal on my list! My first sewing project...and...it was a smashing success!! As I mentioned here, I spent last weekend at my parents house. And seeing as my mom gave me her sewing machine to use we both figured this would be a good time for me to actually try it out. You know, when there's someone around who actually knows what they're doing! And can thread the machine on their first try...little things like that, yeah they make all the difference in the world :) First she got the machine working again, yes, it had been in my possession for all of 2 months and I had done nothing but make the entire machine inoperable. Good work Michelle. Don't ask me how it happened, I'm just that talented I guess! But luckily it was nothing mom couldn't handle! Five minutes and it was as good as new...

You want to know what I made? I just got so excited typing that :) Yup, I made something!

So, I have this little travel pillow, that I've had since I was really little...my aunt gave it to me and it has a pillowcase that she herself made, however after 20 years it was looking a little sad. And by sad I mean transparent, yeah this fabric wasn't quite doing its job anymore. But I still love the pillow, and I had some leftover fabric from this project so I figured...why not make a new pillowcase?! Maybe that would be a good first attempt at this sewing thing!

poor, sad, little pillow :(

Here's proof...there was sewing machine involved!

The cuff...after the fact I know that I should have measured a little better and then I would've known I had an inch or two to spare as a cuff, rather than trying to make this only 1/2"...oh well, next time :)

Mom taught me that I needed to reinforce the edges so the fabric won't come apart after multiple washings, she's so smart :) Check out that zig zag reinforcement!

I just love this fabric :)

And the finished product!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I like to think there are many different kinds of milestones in our lives. We all value different things, and we reach them at different times. Nobody's milestones are the same...they are each unique to us. Which you gotta admit is why they're great :) Well this might seem weird, but my car (or Torree, as she's more affectionately called) reached a milestone of her own this weekend. As I was driving home from my parents house she hit the big 55,555! Yup, she's in her late 50's now. Oh, you didn't know that was milestone? Hmm...guess that ones all mine then! I've been waiting for this for a long time :) When I got Torree she already had 8,000 miles so this is my first opportunity to see her with all 5's across the dash. It's a big deal people!
Don't worry, I realize how weird I sound. Anyways...the actual event only lasted about 56 seconds, but fear not...I have forever preserved this milestone! In fact in that 56 seconds I managed to get about 8 different shots, so if this one doesn't do it for you I can offer you some other options. I will warn you though, they're all at about this same level of awesomeness :)

Pretty cool, huh?! :) Oh and I accomplished a few things of my own this weekend! Stay tuned!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Things that make me smile...

This kitchen is beautiful! I love the tiled blacksplash all the way up the wall...the gray cabinets--perfection! That faucet is pretty stinkin' sweet as well! And I love the contrast the light island gives to this space. The final touch: a vase of pink tulips makes anything better!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011