Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pretty Great

I have an awesome family! :) Wow, I am so blessed. I have one issue...my computer...and have 3 different cousins spend their time helping me! So Friday when I knew I needed to order a new computer I decided to talk to my cousin Hilary about it...she works for HP...and she helped me tremendously! Even gave me her employee discount!! Then after my rant on my blog about my computer/battery issues...I got an email from my cousin Reid with suggestions on how to make my comptuer work! Thank you Reid! Then on top of all that...Sunday night we had a surprise retirement party for my aunt and so I was talking with my cousin Jamie and we got on the subject of my computer...and how it is RETARDED! haha. And then yesterday she and her mom stop by my office...why you ask? They brought me Jamie's laptop to use until my new one gets here! Seriously, isn't my family great? :)

So last night my Aunt Kathy & Aunt Sheryl (here visiting from Italy) came over to the house for dinner...before I had class. It was so much fun, I don't remember ever spending any time with my aunt's when it wasn't a big family event. Other then this week :) Friday night Sheryl and I went to dinner and did some shopping just the two of us...so much fun! It's nice to be an 'adult' now...and have common ground with the older generation in my family. I'm enjoying getting to know my aunt's and uncle's as friends.

Other then that the most exciting thing in my life right now!? 8 more days until I'm done with class until August!!! Hallelujah!

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  1. so, I see the update on your laptop - how cool is that! What a great gift from Jamie to share hers with you!

    how many days until yours arrives?


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