Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Meadows

This weekend is one of very few in my I wish there were more of. I am at my aunt & uncle's 'cabin' (really fancy lodge!) in New Meadows...right outside of McCall. My grandma & her sister and all families under them are here for the week! Last night there were 20 of us, and tonight there will be 28...all in this cabin!

My great aunt has 4 children, as does my grandma. So the 2 sets of grandparents, 8 children (and spouses) and then 18 grandkids...are the family gathering for the weekend. Weird how when we used to do these my generation was truly "the kids"! This weekend Hilary (19) & I are the youngest here! It's nice that we are all older now, makes these weekends much more relaxing! We are spending lots of time playing games, and bonding with nature :) haha.

This picture of my dad and his cousin Lowell is what I found when we got here last night...they are really just kids at heart :) Of course anywhere there are cars...of any size or will find my dad :) They are so fun to watch together...two of my favorite people :)

This morning 3 of them went out to find some wildlife up brundage...they called an hour later and needed us to come rescue them! They were stuck in snow! Yes, it is June!! (My aunt Kathy calls, completely frantic...she is ridiculous, it was so funny to listen to her on the phone!) She just wanted a man! My mom answered the phone and Kathy just kept demanding my mom find a man in the house for Kathy to talk to) Well mom decided she didn't want to wake anyone just grabbed me and Carmen & we decided to find them :) Luckily we ran into Grandpa on our way out the door so he came along also.

It was 4 of us grabbed some shovels, gloves and boots and went and dug them out of the snow! We found them on the road...yes Kathy was running down the middle of the snow throwing her arms about...oh man. There are not words to describe her :) haha...we just laugh.

But Grandpa knew what he wanted to do...he just drove right over the snow bank to the other side of their stuck car. We hooked up the tow rope to both cars and he just floored it and completely drug them out of the snow :) It was awesome, he drug Ken probably 20 yds before we finally got his attention to make him stop! He just said he was going to make sure he was good and out of the snow :) So cute! Grandpa was right in his element! Ken came back with soaked clothes and exhausted from trying to dig them out with rocks before we showed up with the shovel. We'll just say it was an interesting morning :)

These distant cousins (really, my dads cousins) I haven't seen in many years! It is fun to see how everyone's life has changed and yet how we can all get together and it's like we've never been apart. I am very thankful for the family that I have. Even though we are all a little crazy :) we enjoy spending whatever time we have together.

Well we'll see what other adventures we can get into this weekend...

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  1. That is certainly your dad...anything cars. Hey, how did I not know you had a blog? Thanks for commenting on mine, it helped me find you. Hope you have a lot of fun at the cabin, tell everyone (Jess &) I say hi.


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