Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something more

I need to write. I need to create something. I need to explore new possibilities. I need to challenge my mind. I need to experience something new. I need to get out of my comfort zone. I need to fulfill this desire inside me. I need to use my knowledge. I need to use my talents. I need to do something.

I love my job, I do. I am so thankful for it and the blessings it has brought to my life. I am thankful for the flexibility, for the openness and on some occasions for the lack of stress involved. However, being as it is, it no longer does anything for my "self-actualization" use an over-used life model. Those basic needs of my life are met, over and above. I am truly blessed on all 5 levels of the maslow model...however, that top just keeps calling to me. I need to do something more. I am tired of being bored at work. Extremely tired of spending more than half my day on the internet. I think I maybe did 2 hours of work today (in the office) and half of that was helping someone else out. I need more from my job then that. I need to feel useful, to have something to do, anything! I need to feel like I am using my $60,000 education! Feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. Or at least something that involves a few brain cells every once in awhile. I love a challenge, or a problem. I am a puzzle girl...I love to solve problems, in the most efficient way possible. Please, someone, give me something to solve!

I also have this overwhelming desire to design homes...maybe its time I look into that. I need to look outside my current profession to find something that will energize me, cause its not looking like things will change for awhile. I need more to my life then work, the gym and my roommates, as much as I love them. I need something that drives me, that will give me that feeling of satisfaction when its accomplished. Something with a deadline or a goal. Finding a way to combine the analytical part of my brain with the creative juices flowing in my veins is something I have always found challenging. I'm too much of a perfectionist to be truly fulfilled through my creativity but maybe its time I take that on as my problem. Maybe I will solve the battle within my mind. I think I have finally reached that stage where I have spent enough time enjoying my time off from school, that its time to get back to work on something. School was always satisfying to me, it was a challenge and something I could work towards...full of constat deadlines. I needed a break, and my mom suggested I wait at least 6 months before taking on my next project. Well I have to say, that as much as I thought I would enjoy no longer going to school AND working full-time, I have that itch again. Working full-time is not enough. Granted, if I had a more stressful job or one where I was required to put in more than 40 hours a week maybe it would be more then enough...but I don't. mind, my experiences, my knowledge, my education, my drive, my self-discipline, my goals, my life...I feel like its all going to waste. There has to be more. Something more I can do. Something that gets me out of bed in the morning excited that I have a new day to face the challenges ahead of me. Something to engage my mind and soul. Something where my heart is involved.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prayer Request

My grandpa Slonaker went in for double knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago. The plan was to recover for 2 weeks in a rehab facility while he regained his strength. However, once he was moved to the rehab center he had a stroke (or so they thought). It looks like now that it wasn't actually a stroke because he recovered so quickly...but that doesn't change the fact that something caused him to lose all function in his body, as well as speech. He was recovering and doing therapy again after the stroke, but a week later, this Sunday he had his legs propped up in a wheelchair and went to move them and tipped the chair backwards. Causing him to fall on his head. They have determined the accident caused a fracture in the vertabrea and therefore all his therapy has been halted. He has been placed in a neck brace and will be moved to Spokane on Friday to meet with a neuro-surgeon and discuss his options. Needless to say, this has been a difficult time for our family. My mom has spent a week in Colfax with them, but left Friday saying Grandma can hardly take care of herself let alone Grandpa also. Someone needs to be there with them most all the time. My aunts and uncles have been rotating visiting and my cousins came up from California to be there last weekend. It has been great the amount of time people have been able to spend there, but until Friday when my dad goes over to consult with the neuro-surgeon there is no family there. Grandpa had a hard enough time recovering from this surgery...we are not sure that his heart can handle another surgery so soon. Please pray that they will be able to help him without operating on his neck, that his body can handle this extra stress. And for all the family that is sick with worry and indecision over what we can do to help during this time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Here we go...

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. July reunion

2. trip to Little Rock once Jac moves

3. Zumba tonight

4. The office set up in my house

5. Visiting Europe in the spring

6. Watching Holly grow up

7. My brother moving to Idaho...please!?

8. My family moving to Idaho :)

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Went to church with 15 family members

2. Listened to my uncle speak at church

3. Jumped on the trampoline with Holly & Jackie

4. Grad party for my sister

5. Rode to Spokane w/J & H

6. Got on an airplane

7. BBQ'd with the roommates

8. Went to bed at 9:30...exhausted!

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Run

2. Sing

3. Design houses

4. Use my MBA

5. Travel more

6. swim, without fear

7. Live closer to family

8. Draw/paint

Eight Shows I Watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy

2. Private Practice

3. Friends - yes, I realize its not on anymore :(

4. Gilmore Girls

5. One Tree Hill

6. Full House, a long time ago :)

7. Trading that still on?

8. seriously, people watch this much tv?

Eight Favorite Fruits:

1. strawberries

2. kiwi

3. apples

4. pineapple

5. raspberries

6. peaches

7. blueberries

8. bananas

Eight Places to Visit:

1. Australia

2. New York

3. Italy

4. Ireland

5. Austria

6. Switzerland

7. England

8. Hawaii

Eight Places I've Lived:

1. Wenatchee

2. Nampa

3. Meridian

We'll see if I ever hit 8...

Eight People to Tag:

1. Stephanie 2. Katie 3. Carly 4. Jolleen 5. Nick 6. Sydney 7.Jessica 8. Reid

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its been 3 weeks...

...since I planted all those living green things in my yard. I just thought you all should know that they are ALL still alive! My pumpkin has 2 huge flowers, the pepper plant has about 10 buds! And even the zinnia & strawberry are starting to flower :) Yay! But most importantly, though it may have had a really rough first day, the hydrangea is doing great! The Monday after I planted it was the hottest day of the year and I went home from work to find a very dry, droopy, burnt plant. It was quite tragic. However, with a little love and LOTS of water it is looking beautiful again! And has many new blooms, each with lots of gorgeous flowers! And of course the resilient palm is doing fine - I try and give it the minimal attention it requested! Also, Stephanie received a pink hydrangea from one of her students on the last day of school so we now have two! Hers isn't blooming yet, but we'll get it there :) I have to say...even though I've always hated gardening and anytype of yard work, I am really enjoying these plants! And even mowing the lawn and killing/pulling the weeds. One other new thing I've discovered about myself, now that I'm a home owner!