Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jewelry Renovation

I don't know why these are each their own post...but this is my project of the week, or maybe I should say day. I bought the sewing circles Sunday night and had them ready for jewelry Monday. For a look at how it started just keep scrolling :)

Total Cost: $10.23
Total Time: 28 minutes

IMG_0112, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

That smaller, top circle is made from a combination of 3 shirts. The white is one. The green border is from the neckline of the shirt the largest circle is made from and then of course the 2 butterflies are cut out of the shirt from the middle circle.

Jewelry Renovation

IMG_0110, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

But the real purpose, and reason behind it all...a fun, creative, practical way to display (and use) my jewelry.

Jewelry Renovation

IMG_0109, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

The skeleton, which I may say I like better than the final project? I' don't know, I go back and forth :)

Jewelry Renovation

IMG_0105, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

cutting up an old shirt, to make for a new, free, fabric cover

Jewelry Renovation

IMG_0104, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

After cutting the cork tiles to size...

Jewelry Renovation

What I gathered to create something new!
Those would be old shirts...

Jewelry Renovation

IMG_0101, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

This entire project cost me $10.23 and took me about 30 minutes!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interior Styling

DSCF2014, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

So, I've been spending a lot of time lately (when I need a break from taxes) looking at different design blogs and such. I never realized how many people make a living blogging! Wow! I have to admit I think its pretty cool! So anyways, one writers of the blogs I've been following started a group on flickr called Interior Styling. There is a photography/design challenge every month. Well I am the first to say that I love to look at what others have done, and dream about doing it myself, but I rarely ever feel satisfied with the end product when I try it out. So I joined the group more to see what everyone else was going, but decided that the only way I'm ever going to get better at this stuff is by practice! hehe. So I am going to try and keep up with the challenges every month, hopefully if nothing else it will broaden my horizon and tune my eye.

January's Challenge: Create a triangle shape using 3, 5 or 7 objects. (No flash allowed)
And this picture was taken with really bad light, so forgive the shadows!


0121001455a.jpg, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

Seriously?! Sweater, scarf & turtle neck...$9.48! Who doesn't love Target?!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A look back...

At the beginning of 2009 I actually made a list of things I wanted to accomplish (shocking I know!) Well let's take a look and see if I actually did any of it :)

In 2009 I would like to accomplish...
  • Take (and pass) the CMA exam -- didn't do this, not so sure I will anytime soon either, hmm, guess my plans have kind of changed in this area. I did receive a promotion at work though :)
  • Develop a new idea for work -- It's called GreenSwitch, an energy saving product. Our company is called Save A Watt Systems. Look it up! Check it out! :) http://www.greenswitch.tv/
  • Draw three house plans -- didn't do this either, I did get a drafting table set up in my home office though. And made copies of previous plans, so that I can work on them. Guess I'll keep this on my list for 2010 :)
  • Get AutoCAD -- let's try this one this year :)
  • Take another AutoCAD class -- and this one along with it!

  • Pay off my Masters (Undergrad was paid off last year!) -- that will be accomplished with the signing of one more check! Yeah!
  • Buy a house -- made an offer on Jan. 24th and moved in March 13th!
  • Double my savings account -- well that kind of went out the window with the accomplishment of the previous item :) And another previous item: Save A Watt Systems.

  • Lose ten pounds -- okay now that those ten are gone, lets do it again!
  • Start a devotional...and continue it! -- I will try this again! Ugh, I think this is the hardest for me, and I'm not sure why!
  • Begin a daily exercise routine -- this has been (surprisingly) one of the most fun things I've done this year. Zumba, Jazzercise, Body Works, Turbo Kick...much more fun than I ever thought exercising could be!
  • Volunteer at church (youth group & nursery) -- I attempted the youth group piece for a few weeks, but have become a part of the nursery coordinating team. It has been great to be more involved and meet more people.
  • Visit Kieth, Jackie & Holly often -- I think I've seen these guys every month this year! It's been wonderful!! And I head up again (with the rest of my family) next weekend :)
  • Get scrapbooking caught up -- I am into 2009 at least :) Getting there!

In the coming year...

I'm not so sure I have near as many goals this year. I have had so much fun setting my house up and getting it put together how I like it. I'm sure I will continue to add and change things this year, but I love it!

I am fulfilling a life long dream in April this year :) Heading to the United Kingdom for a week and then on to Naples, Italy for another! I can't wait! And between now and then I'll be spending much of my time researching and planning.

I'm just loving living life, one day at a time!