Sunday, June 15, 2008


In the alley behind The Urban Shed...

This has been one of those is amazing to me how one day can hold so much. My emotions cannot handle it all at once. Saturday started out beautifully...I picked up Katie & Stephanie and we went downtown (yes, Nampa)! We started at Flying M for our morning jolt and then strolled down 2nd street to The Brass Razoo, we didn't buy anything but had a lot of fun browsing! We then continued on down and decided 13th looked promising. We found the most amazing stores! Nampa definitely holds many hidden treasures! The Urban Shed was an antique, eclectic, foreign furniture & home store all in one! It was so fun...everything was one of kind or looked like it was made hundreds of years ago. In the back they had a local artist show...lots of jewelry, beads, clothes, scarves, pottery and such. Very fun! We also wandered across the street to a new boutique called Sparrow Clothing. Most of the store is clothes refurbished by local artists. Also very cute. Katie found this dress and fell in love...Steph & I refused to let her spend her money on it :)

She says if its still there at the end of June she's buying it :) haha. We told her we probably won't go out in public with her...
But then we also went into a couple other stores and found two really cute cafes that we will definitely try out later! It was so much fun, and Steph's last few hours in Nampa before departing for life on the road!

However, then once I got home (about 2) I had massive amounts of homework to complete before the day was through...which normally wouldn't be a problem, that is if the computer is functioning properly! My laptop has decided that the battery only charges when the computer is turned I can't use it and charge it at the same time. Well my battery sucks! And is getting worse everday! It will last me about 30 minutes if it is fully charged...and now on top of that, it takes about 10 hours to charge completely! So it must sit OFF plugged in for 10 hours, in order for me to use it for 30 minutes! Talk about frustrating...especially when I'm supposed to be writing a paper. Needless to say I was freaking out a little yesterday...I can be pretty high strung when I'm stressed :) It was one of those days where I wanted to complete give up. I wanted to be done with school, I wanted to just crawl up in a ball and cry. I don't know why I get that way...but I think it has a lot to do with my need for alone time. Yesterday afternoon was the first time I'd been home for more than an hour since last Thursday. Oh wow, I just realized that...that is 9 days too long! I don't do well without my quiet, calm, alone time. Even when I'm having fun with everything else in my life, I still need that time or I become cranky, exhausted and extremely emotional. The day ended okay, I took a nap, read a book, worked out and talked to my mom...all which helped me calm down, but I still have a computer that will do me no good. I have ordered a new one (frustrating) but it will take about 2 weeks to get here...lets hope the other one will at least "sort of" last that long. Not that it is really doing me any good at the moment, but I need to be able to get my software programs off and such. We'll see...something that will cause more stress in the future I'm sure. Oh and it has been plugged in since 11:30 last night (it is now 5pm) and it is charged at 80%! Are you kidding me!? How am I supposed to use a computer that takes 24 hours to charge!! Ahh!
But today I'm trying not to worry about it. I am sitting here using Katie's computer, supposed to be studying for my law test and writing my ethics paper :) She is at the moment sewing me a laptop bag for my new computer. She is so cute! :) Love her! And I'm making Aunt Leslie's famous Ginger Snaps. Yum!! I love Sundays! Especially after stressful Saturdays.

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  1. So, now it's Wednesday. How is the whole laptop uncharged, homework to do, "who stole my Honda" stuff - remember that old Carmen song? That was random, uh?

    Haven't talked to you for a couple days - yes, I figured out how to see old blogspots - enjoy reading them when I get a minute.

    Love you!


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