Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brass Razoo

So there's this little shop in Nampa on 2nd's called The Brass's fairly new, but is so cute! And the owner is awesome! She is so fun and amazing! She will adjust straps on anything so that they fit better, or fix the zipper, she even added a 3in ruffle to the bottom of my friends dress so that it was long enough for Covenant (the dress was not purchased at Brass Razoo)!! She is awesome...most of the clothes in her store are very eclectic and original. She makes some of them, or buys them at a retail outlet (such as Nordstroms) and then adds lace or buttons or something to make it completely unique! And it is totally affordable! Anyways, it is my new favorite place to shop...and I HATE to shop, so that's saying a lot! :) Katie & I went there Saturday, and I NEEDED skirts! I have over 30 wedding's this summer and own 2 skirts (black & brown) not exactly wedding attire! Not only did I find skirts that were adorable...I found 6 that fit perfect and were long and flowy, very feminine. Love them! So I bought 4 of them!! haha! Yes, maybe a little extreme, but like I said I hate shopping so if I could get it all done in one much better :) Anywayz...I love it when I try on clothes and they actually fit! Really, the actual shopping part is fun...but once I get into the fitting room is when I just want to walk out! Nothing ever fits right :) So anyways...heres a pic of one of the skirts...its not really a good pic of if, but it shows the fabric I guess...oh and my $8 shoes to match!


  1. Cute! I feel the same way about shopping-

  2. Maybe you can take me here when i come visit this summer!


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