Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Stephanie left yesterday...Katie leaves Sunday...and I'll be back to hating Nampa in the summer :) Okay, maybe not really hating...but it is totally different with campus deserted! Speaking of is my last day of class!!! I never thought it would arrive :) I have a presentation and final tonight, an online final next week and then I do not have to think again until August 11th! It will be so nice! Of course I'm sure I'll get bored after a few weeks...but that is what summer was made for! Right?
So after that crazy wedding...Sunday, Covenant performed at Boise First Church, so katie & I went to watch them there, and then we all had a BBQ for Covenant and their families! Good times! Once I caught a ride back to my car from Meridian, I headed straight back over to Boise-to James & Kevin's apt. A group of us took on the Boise River! It was so much fun! There were 8 of us...4 of us in a raft, 3 on air mattresses and 1 intertube. It was a blast! Caleb almost died in the trees, after he escaped from the crazy people, before he turned blue from the cold, Tammy almost made it through the rapids standing on her mattress, battling James, who saved his sunglasses in the fall, as he surfed the rapids, Ben landed on top of me, with a little help from the whitewater, Kelly discovered that her camera floats, Kevin works well as a rutter, and I protected the pirate flag from the crazy people! haha. It was so much fun! We started at Barber Park & got out at Ann Morrison Park, where Ben had left his car. We then went back for BBQ #2! I don't know if Sunday gets any better than 2 BBQs!

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