Friday, March 20, 2009

One week!

I received the keys to my house one week ago today! It has been quite an eventful week! So much fun! My friends all came over Friday night and we got the entire downstairs painted! Saturday my family all helped me move and Sunday we did lots of little things around the house, like hanging blinds, etc. Monday & Tuesday I spent the entire day in bed, sick! And I do mean entire day...I did not leave my bed at all between 11pm Sunday night and 6:45am Tuesday morning. I started getting sick Thursday, and I think trying to do a lot this weekend, while being sick just made it that much worse! I was so weak, it was awful! I am still pretty sick, but have at least worked the last 3 days :) As long as it stays at this 'cold' stage I'm okay....I'm hoping the 'flu' part is gone for good! But despite the oh so fun illness amidst everything else, this week has been so much fun! And I love my new house! It has been nice to have an entire week there all by myself...and I never would have guessed how nice it would be to have my own bathroom! haha. And one connected to my room...ah, it's amazing! I love it! I will have to take some pictures of the house, now that its more then white walls and empty floors! That is once I find my camera!! That is still one important thing that I haven't found in a box yet...hmmm...where could I have put it! Well better find it quick...
Tomorrow morning Stephanie, Jessie & I get on a plane to California! Will definitely need my camera for that!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well this last weekend I spent the 3 days in Donnelly with our church youth group. I've been wanting to get involved, now that I'm done with school...and have actually known the youth pastor since I myself was a teen in youth group. He pastored at a church about an hour from mine and since both of our youth groups were fairly small we would do stuff together frequently. I was also really good friends with quite a few of the teens in his youth group, so my sister and I would visit on the weekends or for special occasions a lot of our high school career. Its fun to go to a BIG church in Nampa, where I quite literally know a handful of people....and yet have that one connection. It makes me feel like I do know people in my church and that I can relate to someone there :) But anyways...because of my relationship with him, it was easy for me to tell him that I wanted to help out, making it much easier to get involved then if I didn't know the youth pastor. (Because if you know me at all, you know I'm an introvert...and reaching out to people I don't know is nearly impossible!) haha. Speaking of of the things we did this weekend was take personality tests, to show the kids that they aren't abnormal, but that everyone has those weird quirks about them. But it was fun to see the huge difference between extroverts and can definitely pick them out in a crowd!
Well the weekend was a blast, seriously, so much fun! I felt like I was at winter retreat again! It was great to get to know some of the kids and actually meet a lot of people my own age (there helping out as well) was a packed weekend, and I am still recovering...but I am so glad I was able to go! Going up I pretty much only knew the youth pastor, his wife and then of course James, who plays guitar for the youth band so was going up for the weekend! Which actually helped me feel better about going :) Surprise, Surprise...I do not like to go into uncharted territory without at least one friendly face! But I came home with many new friends, and energized from the kids, and a peace after seeing new pieces of myself and my friends.
I went to youth group last night, for the first time...and it was awesome to walk in and know people! haha. I am horrible at meeting new people, or at least not good at going and being the one to start the I don't feel like I am really comfortable or suited for going in each week and trying to introduce myself to people...but I hope that it will happen over time, and in the process I will learn something and force myself out of my shell a little more :)
So that officially started my month of craziness...however, I have been given a slight reprieve, an unwanted one mind you, but a reprieve none the less. I was supposed to close on my house today...and that is not going to happen. The underwriters are so far behind were hoping we'll make next Friday! Which is not good, considering my family is traveling 450 miles to help me move! But they were able to rearrange their schedule to come next weekend, so as long as we close by the 13th we'll still be okay! It's if it gets later then that that things get really scary!
I do not do well with this up in the air sort of planning! I want to have a date, and stick to it! I had to call and reschedule my fridge and mattress delivery and have to rethink the whole painting situation since my mom will no longer be coming the weekend after I move in...and I myself will be in California for 4 days the week after I move, that is if I move next weekend! Uggh...I need structure. I like having my life planned and in order. This is not working for the left side of my brain! However, the other pieces of my personality, the parts that seek to enjoy every moment and appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow are doing okay with it :) And as with anything in life...when God closes a door, he opens a window...I may not be moving this weekend, but instead I get to spend it with one of my favorite relatives! If I was moving, I would not have the time to spend any quality time with him, but now, my schedule is wide open!
Kieth called Sunday...and he's coming to stay with me this weekend, to show his boys the State Basketball Tournament! They made it to state last year and played, but never won a game so didn't see the championships or anything...well this year his team didn't make it, but he'd like to bring the Juniors down to see what its all about...hopefully next year they will be more excited about making it!! So my weekend will likely involve lots of basketball games! And if nothing else him and his players sleeping at my house!! :)
Tonight is the opening performance for Godspell, the NNU spring musical. My cousin Hilary has one of 10 roles...yes it is a 10 person cast! So all my Boise family is attending tonight...should be a good time!