Friday, June 20, 2008

Funnel Cakes

That first week of May always makes me wish I was in Wenatchee...walking along the parade route, eating at the food fair, watching the fancy cars or screaming at the carnival...yet I never seem to be able to justify the drive...well this weekend is "Dairy Days" in Meridian...sorry, I have no idea what that means! Other then the fact there is a carnival (if you can call it that) set up at the park I drive by every morning. Well I saw a funnel cake booth the other day and I LOVE funnel cakes!! I think it's been 3 years since I was home for Apple Blossom...and that long since I had a funnel cake! Well this park is probably 2 miles from my office, so today Linda & I decided to walk to the fair and have a funnel cake on our lunch break. It is a gorgeous 91 today...with enough of a breeze to make it nice! Well this "carnival" is squished in an area probably the size of a football field! And then there are little booths on the outside...maybe about 15 booths, most of them businesses (Wells Fargo, State Farm, CBHomes). And the funnel cake booth was a table with a fry daddy on it...Nothing compared to the carnival and food fair for Apple Blossom! However, the funnel cake was amazing :)

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