Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let the countdown begin...

I don't have much to say...lately I feel like this has just become a recap of my weekend. lol. Which isn't really necessary :) Although this week I would have hot tub pix to put up...and that is why this must stop now! Shouldn't carrying a camera into 'the pool area' be prohibited! Not cool Kevin!! Although the storm Saturday was awesome! :)

Well I finished my strategic audit last night, (a paper & presentation on GM) I have a presentation in class tonight, Next monday I have a 20pg paper due with a 20 minute presentation in both classes the next week. These last few weeks have not been fun, in the homework realm. But I only have about 5 pages left in my paper...not so bad, except that I would like to finish it by tomorrow night! I leave Saturday morning for Portland!! I can't believe it's finally here! I'm so excited! My mom and her siblings (and families) are all getting together in Portland for a little "mini family reunion"! This is the side of my family that I don't see as often anymore, as we're all so much more spread out! Gma & Gpa are coming up from Cali; Ken, Courtney and their 2 boys are coming from Kansas City, Kieth, Jackie & Baby Holly are coming from Kellogg and my lucky parents get to leave Wenatchee by 5am in order to pick me up at the airport in Portland at 11:30 :) Sorry! but both my brother and sister got out of work and class so they are both coming...which I'm looking forward to! Of course, I have to admit...if all I did all weekend was play with Holly, I'd be perfectly happy :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Me? Really?

I think I have officially turned into a 'social butterfly' :) I cannot remember a time in my life where I spent this much time with friends, and did so many different things! Amazing how a few new friends can make such a difference! We are always DOING something! Funny how it is now, at this time in my life...when I am busier then I ever have been...but I'm enjoying it. I do not know how I got any homework done this weekend! But I did! Friday night, Katie, Jessie, Kyle, James, Kevin, Josh, Macey, Craig and I camped out at the REI Garage Sale in Boise! Yes...we slept on the sidewalk! I didn't really need anything at REI but more just in it to 'hang out' :) James, Kevin, Jess & I played games, watched a movie, walked to Starbucks, and just chilled in the tent Friday night and then the guys didn't stay over for the sale. But we had 4 girls in our tent and then a tent with the other 3 guys in it next to us. And we were #6-12 in line! it was crazy! Katie set up our tents at 9:30am Friday! And yes, there were 5 people there earlier then that! What is with these people? So anyways, we didn't sleep much Friday night and they pass out tickets into the sale at 6am and the doors open at we walked to IHOP for breakfast after getting our tickets in line. After we finished at REI, the girls had a powder puff game! Which was awesome, they killed them :) Courtney & Erika are scary! lol. And James & Kevin came out on their bikes to watch... But really the majority of my crazy weekend was yesterday!!
Leave for Church with Jessie @ 10:30
Eat lunch with the boys until 1:30
The 3 of us head to Boise...
8 of us leave for Mtn Home @ 2
Air Show at Mtn. Home Air Force Base until 5:30
Back to Boise...
Bocce Ball at the Train Depot, with 6 of us until 8:30
Then all of us back to Nampa...
Super Mario & coffee, until 10:30
Concert @ the Laundromat until 11:30
FRIENDS episodes! until 12:45am
Sleep...until the alarm goes off @ 5:30am
Get home from work @ 4:30pm
Sit in class until 10...and then fall into bed!
At least that's the plan :) Oh right, I do know how I'm accomplishing this social thing...NOT sleeping! Well we all know that can't last forever...

Here's a few Bocce Ball pics...if you know what that is!

My Bench...yup, it has my name on it :)
Ben definitely dominated the 2nd half of the game!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I don't know...why must I need a title?

I feel like I could sleep for days...I have no desire to be up and at work this morning. This week has been SOOOO long for some reason, and all I want to do is SLEEP!! Too bad, I don't think it will really happen until Sat. afternoon...that is if I get the chance for a nap. Uggh, isn't it legit to call in sick just so you can sleep? :) I want sleep days!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For my mom...

Thanks...I really appreciate your wisdom and friendship. I really needed that phone call today. I love you!

Monday, September 8, 2008


So I played tennis yesterday. I think it's been about a year since I've picked up a raquet...yet James, Ben, Jessie & I spent two hours playing!! It was so much fun (even though I suck)! But today...I AM SORE!! Oh my word, my arm hurts so bad! I couldn't even lift the milk in my fridge this morning! lol. Even writing is killing me. Taking notes tonight in class should be interesting!

Saturday night I had a wedding and Jess went with me...then we went to Ben's and watched Season 4 of The Office! The four of us (Ben, James, Jess & I) then actually "played" soccer in Bens front yard...if you can believe that :) And by played I mean...kicked the ball around. lol. Keep in mind this is like one thirty in the morning. Then we went downtown and had pizza at Pie Hole....which was actually really good and super busy! We sat out on a bench because there wasn't any seating outside.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Genesis 2:8

I love how no matter what I'm going through...or struggling with, it seems that the devotional for that time fits right in :) I just had to share some stuff...I know it's long, and I kind of paraphrased a little...but it was just too good!

"Before God put Adam into the garden, He "Formed" him. There's a process of preparation God takes us through in order to make us what we need to be. But preperation takes time. God must deal with our inconsistencies, personality defects, areas of distrust, unresolved childhood issues, scars, flaws, etc. How long does it take? Only God knows. Admit it; you still recognize some childish ways in yourself? Anybody else would have given up on you, but God has a plan and He's committed to it. We should all wear a sign that says: "Work in progress, if you hire me you need to know that. If you marry me, you need to know that."
The tools he uses to form you are the experiences you go through in life. They shape and alter you. And the more you keep trying to have it your way, the longer the process takes.
God's got some stuff planted that you haven't seen or experienced. You're still becoming what he planted. Knowing that reinforces your faith and that it will happen. It also means God believes in you - even when you don't believe in yourself. There are talents in you that haven't been discovered and dreams that haven't been fulfilled. That's what the battle is about! The devil is fighting you over your destiny. He knows what's been planted in you and he's trying to kill the seed. Don't let him. You're not the person you'll be six months or six years from now, because there's a time factor, everything doesn't come to harvest at the same time. You have to have faith and patience, otherwise you'll miss what God has for you.
You need to look in the mirror and announce, "There's something in me that hasn't come out yet. God, help me to be steadfast until you pull out of me what you planted in me."
Today God may be saying to you, "I've prepared you, placed you where you need to be, planted blessings in your life that are scheduled to come up at different times, but now you've got to work it." You have to go through your own struggles and shed your own tears. You've got to take care of what God has given you. When you walk with God he'll protect and prosper you, even in hard times. But you've still got to "work it." There's nothing wrong with your life - except that you're expecting God to do things he's expecting you to do."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day!

At PF Changs...

So...this is going to be one LONG post! lol. This weekend was...crazy!
Friday was Stephanie's 21st Birthday! We had a progressive dinner, we started at jessie & steph's apt with appetizers. Then we had stuffed shells for dinner @ Sean & erika's. Then we eneded at Josh's with fondue and drinks! Oh my good! Best new idea...cookie dough in chocolate fondue! It is amazing :)

The beautiful birthday girl...
Then later friday night Katelyn came to visit! She got into Nampa at 3:45am and I went and picked her the time we got home it was 4:15! Needless to say, we went straight to bed!

Saturday: Jessie, Kate & I headed to Boise at one to meet James, Kevin & Caleb. We floated the Boise River...which was much warmer then the last time! But also so shallow. We were floating on rocks quite a bit :) And in fact ripped a HUGE hole in the bottom of the raft! James had left his motorcycle at Ann Morrison, so when we got out I rode behind him to go back and get my car at Barber Park.
We all went to dinner at PF Changs downtown...and thanks to the 1st BSU game of the season, we got in without a wait! After which we decided to head to Boondocks for some mini golf!!

Yup, we climbed the rocks...

The alligator got him...

They both got a hole in one! On the same hole!

It was so fun for me to have Katelyn hang out with my friends!

Think we take enough pictures?! haha.

Well after Boondocks we went to Bens house to watch a movie. I got to ride the bike again!!

But we all watched Anchorman and then ended up back in Nampa about 3:45am...well at least we had practiced that the night before :)

Sunday we all went to church together and then Kate and I just chilled for the afternoon. We were going to do jet skiing, Kevin even brought them to church, but the weather wasn't really cooperating. The NNU homecoming concert was Sunday night, which Steph & Kyle did an AMAZING job at!! It was awesome. Then Dax made us taco soup :) Yummy! nice not to set an alarm on monday morning! That may have been the highlight! lol. Kate & I did coffee and shopping before she left. I got a new pair of jeans, a nice shirt and some black heels. I need her around more often! She's way better at that shopping thing then me! :) Once she left, I spent the rest of the day doing homework! trying to make up for lost time.

Erika, Steph, Jess, Ann-Jean & I made taco pizza for dinner...and watched the One Tree Hill premiere!! Lucas chose Peyton!! Which if you don't watch OTH doesn't mean anything...but if you do! AHH!!