Monday, May 5, 2008


How has it been an entire year? I don't understand! I am officially sad that my life has become that of every other adult :) No longer am I a recent graduate...I am now just an alum. And while I never thought getting old was something that bothered me, it is just a little strange. I seriously can't believe I've been done for a year. And to think next year at this time it will be me again. I will be sitting through those 5 hours of ceremonies @ the Idaho Center for NNU's graduation. Wow...crazy! I am excited about graduating with my "class" least all my friends. It is the class that I started NNU with, the class that has been through the same things I have, gone through the wonderful times here in Nampa and at the same time faced those horrid thoughts about actually living in Nampa! It is the class that showed me how great God is, the power of a dorm wing, the beauty of a Godly woman, the faithfulness of prayer, the importance of friends, and the joys & sorrows of "growing up" far from home. This class is my family. This class has taught me so much. And though my diploma disagrees, I will always consider myself a part of the class of 2009.

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