Friday, May 30, 2008


Nothing exciting to report. This weekend will definitely not be near as exciting as jet skiing in Chelan!! However...sometime soon there should be some jet skiing at Lucky Peak :) But tomorrow I have to work at a wedding...and thus starts the craziness! I am now down to one weekend between now and Sept. 13th! Crazy people keep calling! :) But thats good I guess.

Tonight Katie flies back to Nampa! Yeah...she has summer school for the next month so she will be here and then next weekend Stephanie flies in for a week before she takes off with Covenant! I am looking forward to having friends within in 5 mintues again! Even if it is only for a little while! They will all be back again soon enough I suppose :)

Well going almost 2 weeks without class was nice at the time, but now I've received all of the homework assignments! Crap! I do not know how it will all get done by Monday...I guess that is what I am doing ALL weekend! So yes, I will be holed up somewhere...most likely Flying M...or I'm starting to think it may even be homework where I need to be confined to my bedroom...we shall see! Have a great weekend everyone!
PS: Doesn't that lake look amazing!! :) Sorry Amanda!

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