Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Holly Marie Finkbeiner, born April 9th @ 8:41pm. She is gorgeous! And 7lbs 8ozs & 20in long.
One of those times I wish I lived closer to family :)
Not that I have time to visit anyway, but at least I might have the option. I will be going to see her the 2nd weekend in May! Yeah for Southwests $29.00 tickets! that's cheaper than filling up my car!
Well...since I haven't been home earlier than 10:30 every night for almost 2 weeks, I'm feeling a little stressed! Hopefully next week will be much more peaceful. A family dinner every week is really nice in theory, but dinner's that last 4 hours aren't exactly helping me finish any homework :) My grandparents were in town this past weekend and we all spent Sunday afternoon with them. It was gorgeous! About 76 degrees! Needless to say we BBQ'd and played lots of yard games. So nice to have the feeling of summer, if only for a day :)

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