Monday, May 12, 2008


wow! Today has been crazy! I am officially exhausted :) but I would gladly repeat it all! I left Boise Thursday night and flew into Spokane...where my brother and sister (in his new Mustang GT convertible) picked me up from the airport! The 3 of us, always excited to be together, drove to Kellogg, ID to my Uncle Kieth's house. Kieth & his wife Jackie just had a baby girl one month ago! We had so much fun! She is the most beautiful baby ever! And I am super impressed...she has never spit up! haha. That is my least favorite thing about babies, I can handle the dirty diapers, its the constant spit ups on everything that drives me crazy! So needless to say I was very happy not to have to carry around a burp rag the whole time :) But yeah she's perfect and it was so fun to see Kieth as a dad! I will upload pictures once I make it home! This day began with my 6am flight back to Boise, a full day at work and will end when this class finishes at 10 tonight! Makes for a long day! Back to the weekend...we spent Thur-Sunday morning in Kellogg and then drove over to Spokane Valley for Sunday to visit the Sholtz's. A few more of my favorite people! I can't believe how big the girls are now! Crazy that I remember Claire when she was but weeks old...and now she is almost 10! How can I be that old?! :)
It was nice to have a weekend with family, lifetime friends, and oh yes, NO homework! haha. Not that I didn't have any...just that I didn't do it :) well this week should prove to be busy catching up from everything that didn't get done, but I'm excited! It's amazing how rejuvenating and yet exhausting weekends such as these can be!
Well to I am thankful for $29 Southwest tickets! And new friends :)

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