Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It's starting to sink in. My grandma and grandpa fly into Spokane today...my aunt and uncle drive up tomorrow, as well as my great grandma. My parents & brother go Friday. Keith, Jackie & baby Holly go Saturday. And me? Me! I get to stay in Nampa for the weekend and work at two weddings. Lame! I'm really starting to get mad about it...:)

This will be the first year of my life (other then when we were on our mission trip) that I have missed 4th of July Camp @ Pinelow! I mean my sister was born June 23, 1988 and we still went to camp that year...if that doesn't help you understand, nothing will. It is a HUGE part of my life. It is consistent. It happens every year, at the same time. It is always filled with family, laughs, boating, volleyball, games, food...and yet it is different every year. I have thousands of memories from our weekends at Pinelow. My cousins and I grew up together at camp, we are such good friends today because of our past at Pinelow. The inside jokes, memories, pasttimes are endless...and make our relationships unique.

Not only is it the first year that I won't be attending, it is the first year that Holly will. I think that is what gets me the most. I want to see her so bad! I want to hold her and play with her and look at her beautiful face. And even though she won't remember it (at 3 months old), it will still be her first trip to Pinelow. And I'm going to miss it. Sometime growing up sucks...being an adult is totally overrated.

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  1. Hi Honey! I posted one comment but must not have saved it so will again. We did miss you and need to work harder and prioritizing this weekend for you if you'd like. First day to read your blog in quite a while - Mom, Warren and Kurt are north fishing this morning. Looking forward to our week's vacation! Holly was all too cute this weekend - will send photos right now. Pinelow was great! 27 years ago, your Dad drove from Nampa to be with family and met me!


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