Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to reality...

Well I'm back in Idaho...and still haven't been home for more then sleep...so my life is a crazy mess! :) I have no food in my house, no idea where anything is, no idea what needs to be done except that I do have piles of laundry, weddings to get ready for, a family dinner to do Sunday (at my house), which reminds me I need to clean, a 21st birthday party thursday night, oh and yes the never ending piles on my desk to be rid of! Umm...life sure is fun! lol.

But vacation was wonderful! And once I have a moment of sanity I will post pictures!!

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  1. Enjoying reading your blog today... have been wanting to for some time. I enjoy catching up with your life that way even though I talk to you every other day, it's different!


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