Sunday, July 6, 2008

And after the 4th...

Okay, well the weekend is over. I received a couple phone calls from the campers :) Of course all saying they were having fun but I should have been there. And then Jenae sent me a picture of Holly with the grandparents on my phone. So cute! So I've decided...Pinelow...way better then how the rest of the world spends the 4th of July :) I think this was the most relaxed, laid back weekend I've had in years! I read 4 books, yes that's right, four! Which I have to admit wasn't all bad :) I love to read! Especially when it's for fun...and not class! But now, I have to get studying for that last final. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow, we'll see.
So I bought a plane ticket yesterday...I hadn't realized that I was scheduled to fly back to Boise on Friday the 25th, from my vacation in Canada. So I changed my Seattle to Boise flight to a Seattle to Spokane flight, and will spend the weekend in Kellogg with Kieth & Jackie!!! Yeah! I'm so excited :) It was great! It didn't cost me anything to change the ticket, so I only had to buy the one way ticket from Spokane to Boise on Sunday...and I get to spend my ONE wedding-free weekend with Baby Holly :) the one thing I've been trying to figure out! How could I squeeze in one more trip to visit them before my school break was over?! I'm so glad it worked out! It happened so fast, mom mentioned I was flying home friday, I called Kieth & Jackie and all of a sudden I get to go! Yeah! Oh and so if I hadn't mentioned it, dad & I are spending a week in Whistler, British Columbia in 2 weeks!! I'm so excited for a week away from work, away from class, away from Idaho, away from roommates (not that I don't love my roommates :), away from everything! It is going to be wonderful!

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