Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ready to Screen?!

I decided a few weeks ago it was time for a jewelry display update. The one I was using, which you can read more about here, was quickly becoming too small. I know, I know! I have an obsession. Its a problem, I'm getting help. Anyways...

I headed to the local Goodwill and went on a search for some large, cheap frames. I actually had much better luck this time than ever before! I found 2, that were not only big but already had the finish I wanted! And they were each only $4! Can you say sweetness?! Cause I sure did!

One of them I have in mind for another project, but one was just begging for some earrings! It was already painted white but had a few blemishes, so I just gave it another coat and it was good as new. I kept the glass and my roommate actually liked the print that was in it when I bought it, so it was a win-win :)

The actually earring storage solution ended up a little different than what I had in mind. When I was debating what to do I really wanted to find something like Mrs. Limestone used for her mail center. The gorgeous radiator grill cover she found at Lowe's has been swimming around in my brain since I saw her pictures...but alas, the Lowe's (and Home Depot) around here doesn't carry anything even remotely close! Just plain jane covers found in these parts. Big bummer! I was ready to just live with what I'd been using.

But my roommate was with me on my trip to Home Depot, and apparently I'm not very good at explaining things in my head because the whole time she thought we were looking for a screen...like a window screen. Which I must admit hadn't even crossed my mind. But she drug me around until we found them and they had a roll of silver window screening for $7...I figured for that I could take it home and at least try it out. And since its in a roll and lets face it, a really flimsy screen, I figured even my not very heavy duty scissors could whip it into the perfect size.

It was literally one of the easiest things I've done! Laid it over the back of the frame, cut it up to match and then stapled it to the inside of the frame. Voila! So simple! And unlimited possibilities for earring arrangements!

It wasn't quite as "pretty" as the cover of course, hmm...what could I add to jazz it up a little?! Well I already had the white paint out from coating the frame, so I grabbed a Q-tip... (yeah I have no idea where my art brushes are, well that's not entirely true, I do have an idea...but it involves removing a zillion boxes out from under my stairwell to try and find the one in the back. And since I'm not 100% sure they are really in that box anyway...ya so not happening!) anyways back to the original programming...

I used a Q-tip, who knew they were so useful, and just started messing around with the paint, and ended up with sort of a geometric pattern. Which at least makes the screen a little more interesting.

The frames I found at Goodwill even hang with a wire! Don't know why that makes them so much better, but somewhere in my twisted mind it does! It certainly made it easy to hang...just throw it up on the nail that was already there. Yeah, I'm that person. No sense in adding another hole or getting out the hammer and level, I'll just use what's there. Even if its not EXACTLY where I would have put it...it sure works!

I even color coded the arrangement. So next time I want some purple earrings they'll all be right next to each other and I won't have to look in 3 different places to see which ones I want!

And one of the best things?! It isn't full! There's room for some more bling! Okay, so maybe I haven't committed to getting help yet...I'll look into think about it.

And where might all the necklaces be you ask? Just wait...there's more! This is only my earring solution :) The rest of the jewelry required some other projects!

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  1. How cute!! I've seen the frames with wires from end to end to hang earrings on, but not the screen. I love it!


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