Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jewelry Renovation

I don't know why these are each their own post...but this is my project of the week, or maybe I should say day. I bought the sewing circles Sunday night and had them ready for jewelry Monday. For a look at how it started just keep scrolling :)

Total Cost: $10.23
Total Time: 28 minutes

IMG_0112, originally uploaded by meslonaker.

That smaller, top circle is made from a combination of 3 shirts. The white is one. The green border is from the neckline of the shirt the largest circle is made from and then of course the 2 butterflies are cut out of the shirt from the middle circle.


  1. did you cut the cork the same size as the hoop or a little bigger and catch it with the fabric between the hoops? I wish I had a walk in closet like you do so I could put my jewelry on the wall!

  2. I cut it the same size as the hoops. It's just kinda "resting" in there. I should probably find a way to secure it, but for now its working!

  3. Nice job Michelle! Way to be crafty!!! So cute. :)


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