Friday, February 4, 2011

House Lust

I started reading two new books this week. And I'm a very chronicle/logical person so I ALWAYS finish one book before I start another...but for some reason reading these together is bothering me! Maybe its because they kind of go together...I mean one of them even mentions the other :) But either way, I'm immensely enjoying both of them. I know I'm a little more home obsessed than the average person but I do think they'd be pretty interesting to anyone who owns a home or definitely for anyone thinking about building one. The first book is this one:

House Lust: America's Obsession With Our Homes

Not only is it all about American's obsession with their homes, but it also includes some economics & finance...I know, you're thinking BORING! but it's not! I'm telling you! Course I am one of those crazy accountant people, so it could just be I'm weird like that...but either way, I like it! The other one is this: (which is a bit large to carry around with me, so hence reading them both at the same time)

Now this one is even filled with LOTS of beautiful pictures!! So if you can't stand to read about floor plans, brick, stone & the difference between pine flooring and oak...well then you can just look at the pretty pictures. I'm not very far into either book but I am officially "sucked in". I may soon be adding both these to my book collection.

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