Thursday, February 3, 2011

Part 2!

Because I am a little jewelry crazed, the screened frame isn't quite enough...

I found 2 smaller frames when I was putting away the christmas stuff :) They were hiding out in some boxes and due for being hung on the wall! At least that's what I think they were trying to tell me...maybe it was just that the closet was tight and they needed some fresh air. Either way, they got what they wanted. And I didn't even paint them. I decided a little mix of finishes was okay :)
I covered cork with some spare fabric for both frames...

But still wanted a little something bigger for necklaces. I found a cork board at Hobby Lobby and picked out some fabric I really liked at Hobby Lobby to cover it.

All four together...not exactly symmetrical, but I'm kinda feeling it

So what do you think?! I still have one more part to finish. I have an old rod from Ikea that I haven't been using and now have the perfect place for it!

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