Monday, November 17, 2008


Well as Katelyn would say, it isn't so much about your birthday as it is your birthmonth :) Well I am definitely living that up this time!
The day before my birthday we had a huge family get together while my grandparents were in was fun to have everyone together...
Then of course on my birthday I spent the day at work and in class, but I received way too many treats! We had cookie dough ice cream cake from Cold Stone at work, and the girls in my class bought me coffee and cookies during our break and one of the guys brought me fries and chocolate cake!! Way too much sugar :)

The weekend my family was here was a blast, we spent Friday celebrating my birthday and then Saturday doing all of the NNU homecoming activities. My parents completely cleaned and stocked my house while I was working Friday! So nice! Then they picked me up from work at one and the girls went for pedicures (while the boys washed my car! ;)...

Carmen met us at the salon...and that evening her and Ken came over for ice cream and games! We played Cranium, which was quite entertaining :)

For dinner, whenever Dad & Kurt come to town, Roadhouse is on the list :) I have no problem with that! The Birthday dinner...Dad & I shared Prime Rib...yum!

Then this week all of my girl cousins (and both aunts in Boise) went to dinner for my birthday (we do a dinner together for each of our birthdays...a fun way to catch up with everyone!)
Okay, so I think that about covers family onto the friends :)
Well James & I have the same birthday, and Ben's is 3 days later so the three of us thought it would be fun to celebrate together, and we along with Steph, Jess & Erika went to dinner Sunday night. We went to Sa-Wad-Dee (Thai) and then watched Robin Hood! :)
But the real party, was Wednesday (2 days after our birthday)...
James thought he was coming to NNU for a party for me...and I thought I was headed to the girls apt. to give James his birthday was after my class that night, so I was just stopping by...but as I opened the door everyone yelled Surprise! haha. The girls had decorated their apartment and made individual cakes for everyone! It was so much fun! All of my favorite people in one place together :) (And I'll admit it was kind of nice to share the

I don't think I've ever had a surprise party before...and I definitely did not suspect anything!!

We even had candles!! If you'll notice...his are all blown out...mine, not so much!

Laughing at me...since it took me five times to blow out all my candles! :) yes, all 5 of them!

James with his of his lovely gifts from Jess & I...we got a lot of entertainment out of this guy! :)
But then the real excitement started...Erika brought out a lighter holding the fire in her hand, which was pretty fun to watch...but not near as much fun as trying it!! :)

Here goes...

Here the camera caught the beginning of the flame...

And full fledged!! It was crazy, so much fun! Only once did I actually have to shake the fire out because my hand was starting to burn (hurt)...otherwise it was just warm...seriously, you should try it, it is so much fun! Just make a completely closed fist (or if your like me you have to use 2 hands!) with just a hole at the top...pour the lighter fluid into your hand, for awhile :) You can hear it...then take the lighter out and place it back towards (or in) the top of the hole...and light it...and if you open your hand slowly it will sit there for cool!

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