Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 2

So the second night started with dinner, catered by Panda Express, at Duck Park. It was raining and so we all crammed into the shelters to eat...making sure the table of food was covered proved interesting :) But then while the 'event' was playing a HUGE game of Twister we decided to roam the park...and took lots of pics....

Climbing trees...with a little help... :)

Our group picture :)

We never made it in the trees...we just kept watch from the ground!
Then from the park we went to the Corn Maize in Meridian, which this year was in the shape of Obama and McCain's heads...well don't really know how that was, because by the time we got there it was DARK, and last year it took us about 2 hours to figure our way out of that thing! Plus by that time it was raining again and we weren't sure we wanted in the mud and rain in the dark for that long :) Instead we opted for the Field of Screams...not nearly as scary as the Haunted World maze we did a couple years ago, but still fun. By the time we were done there we were soaked!! (Pictures in previous posts) On from there we headed to Boondocks! 3 hours of unlimited games plus 20 was fun!!
It quit raining for awhile and so we started with mini-golf, which always turns into...who can get the ball in the hole in the most creative way?! Clubs...not necessary! Lots of fun!

Would you have liked to be the group behind us? haha...there was lots of waiting involved :)

Ope, and here are all us the park again :) It really is a nice park...

Katie & my 'Hot date' picture :) Riding the dino in the arcade games! We had lots of fun winning tickets! James, Jess & I combined all of our tickets at the end and each ended up with some candy and a toy :) Jess & I got pez dispensers and James got a parachute man!
Then we all played Laser Tag together...which was hilarious, especially since James & I never figured out that you had to hold in the buttons on the side in order to make it shoot! Wow, that would have helped a lot!!!
The final event of TWIRP, is always, midnight movie at the theatre on Overland. The school rents out the theater and we have our choice of 3 movies, and 2 concessions...this year the choices were Wall-E, Hancock & Journey to the Center of the Earth...well we had all seen them before (Drive-In specials!) and so decided on Hancock.
We also watched 101 Dalmations afterwards...yup, it was like 3am when we started it :)
But hey, it was daylight savings really that was only like 2!! We have been on a Disney kick lately :) We started with Beauty & the Beast the weekend we were in Twin and then watched Sleeping Beauty the day it came out, then Aladdin, now 101 Dalmations...and Robin Hood is next on the list!

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