Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 1

So last weekend was TWIRP...which if you know NNU at all you understand, but for those of you who don't have the privledge of participating in The Womas Is Required to is a two day event put on by the school. It is girl ask guy, includes dinner both nights and then activities for the evening. There is always a theme, and Friday night is costumes, based on the theme. Saturday night everyone wears their TWIRP shirts! There are shirts included in the ticket prices, all of the guy shirts are one way and the girls another...and they go with the theme. In my four years at NNU the themes have been: 1. Rags to Riches 2. Disney 3. Noah's Ark and this year was 4. Board Games.
Well I'm not "technically" a student, and didn't plan on attending TWIRP this year, but Katie ended up with free tickets and the 2 of us went together...for free :) We went in a group with Jessie & James...and then a bigger group with Steph, Josh, Erika, Sean, James, Amanda, AnnJean, Brad, Courtney and Cameron. It was great! But the four of us spent the night before TWIRP making costumes...we went as a Settlement...from Settlers of Catan. Which is one of my favorite board games and it is how we met James the very first time.
How cute are we? was fun...and then the back of our shirts gave our resource names...which there is a lovely picture in the previous blog :)

Friday happened to be Halloween so a part of the planned evening was simply trick-or-treating...and while that was going on we decided to go to Dr. Allen's...a professor at NNU who has opened her home to students whenever needed. She has more 'toys' and games then we could ever find time to play, not mentioning the theatre room! So we played pool, ping pong, darts, air hockey, guitar hero and at James request even Jenga :)

Then that evening was as "harvest party" and cosmic bowling. Well the harvest party basically consisted of blow up toys and the true entertainment...a mechanical bull :) was hilarious to watch people fall off!! We spent about an hour just watching people fly around!!

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