Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day!

At PF Changs...

So...this is going to be one LONG post! lol. This weekend was...crazy!
Friday was Stephanie's 21st Birthday! We had a progressive dinner, we started at jessie & steph's apt with appetizers. Then we had stuffed shells for dinner @ Sean & erika's. Then we eneded at Josh's with fondue and drinks! Oh my goodness...so good! Best new idea...cookie dough in chocolate fondue! It is amazing :)

The beautiful birthday girl...
Then later friday night Katelyn came to visit! She got into Nampa at 3:45am and I went and picked her up...by the time we got home it was 4:15! Needless to say, we went straight to bed!

Saturday: Jessie, Kate & I headed to Boise at one to meet James, Kevin & Caleb. We floated the Boise River...which was much warmer then the last time! But also so shallow. We were floating on rocks quite a bit :) And in fact ripped a HUGE hole in the bottom of the raft! James had left his motorcycle at Ann Morrison, so when we got out I rode behind him to go back and get my car at Barber Park.
We all went to dinner at PF Changs downtown...and thanks to the 1st BSU game of the season, we got in without a wait! After which we decided to head to Boondocks for some mini golf!!

Yup, we climbed the rocks...

The alligator got him...

They both got a hole in one! On the same hole!

It was so fun for me to have Katelyn hang out with my friends!

Think we take enough pictures?! haha.

Well after Boondocks we went to Bens house to watch a movie. I got to ride the bike again!!

But we all watched Anchorman and then ended up back in Nampa about 3:45am...well at least we had practiced that the night before :)

Sunday we all went to church together and then Kate and I just chilled for the afternoon. We were going to do jet skiing, Kevin even brought them to church, but the weather wasn't really cooperating. The NNU homecoming concert was Sunday night, which Steph & Kyle did an AMAZING job at!! It was awesome. Then Dax made us taco soup :) Yummy!

Monday...ahh...so nice not to set an alarm on monday morning! That may have been the highlight! lol. Kate & I did coffee and shopping before she left. I got a new pair of jeans, a nice shirt and some black heels. I need her around more often! She's way better at that shopping thing then me! :) Once she left, I spent the rest of the day doing homework! trying to make up for lost time.

Erika, Steph, Jess, Ann-Jean & I made taco pizza for dinner...and watched the One Tree Hill premiere!! Lucas chose Peyton!! Which if you don't watch OTH doesn't mean anything...but if you do! AHH!!

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend. I miss those times with friends, late nights and silliness. Take EVERY opportunity - live in THIS moment. It is a great time of life!

    I tried to think of something encouraging for your last post, but everything I though of sounded to cliche. It is so frustrating when feelings and logic don't cooperate with each other. Keep seeking, it will all make sense one day.


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