Monday, September 15, 2008

Me? Really?

I think I have officially turned into a 'social butterfly' :) I cannot remember a time in my life where I spent this much time with friends, and did so many different things! Amazing how a few new friends can make such a difference! We are always DOING something! Funny how it is now, at this time in my life...when I am busier then I ever have been...but I'm enjoying it. I do not know how I got any homework done this weekend! But I did! Friday night, Katie, Jessie, Kyle, James, Kevin, Josh, Macey, Craig and I camped out at the REI Garage Sale in Boise! Yes...we slept on the sidewalk! I didn't really need anything at REI but more just in it to 'hang out' :) James, Kevin, Jess & I played games, watched a movie, walked to Starbucks, and just chilled in the tent Friday night and then the guys didn't stay over for the sale. But we had 4 girls in our tent and then a tent with the other 3 guys in it next to us. And we were #6-12 in line! it was crazy! Katie set up our tents at 9:30am Friday! And yes, there were 5 people there earlier then that! What is with these people? So anyways, we didn't sleep much Friday night and they pass out tickets into the sale at 6am and the doors open at we walked to IHOP for breakfast after getting our tickets in line. After we finished at REI, the girls had a powder puff game! Which was awesome, they killed them :) Courtney & Erika are scary! lol. And James & Kevin came out on their bikes to watch... But really the majority of my crazy weekend was yesterday!!
Leave for Church with Jessie @ 10:30
Eat lunch with the boys until 1:30
The 3 of us head to Boise...
8 of us leave for Mtn Home @ 2
Air Show at Mtn. Home Air Force Base until 5:30
Back to Boise...
Bocce Ball at the Train Depot, with 6 of us until 8:30
Then all of us back to Nampa...
Super Mario & coffee, until 10:30
Concert @ the Laundromat until 11:30
FRIENDS episodes! until 12:45am
Sleep...until the alarm goes off @ 5:30am
Get home from work @ 4:30pm
Sit in class until 10...and then fall into bed!
At least that's the plan :) Oh right, I do know how I'm accomplishing this social thing...NOT sleeping! Well we all know that can't last forever...

Here's a few Bocce Ball pics...if you know what that is!

My Bench...yup, it has my name on it :)
Ben definitely dominated the 2nd half of the game!

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