Friday, September 5, 2008

Genesis 2:8

I love how no matter what I'm going through...or struggling with, it seems that the devotional for that time fits right in :) I just had to share some stuff...I know it's long, and I kind of paraphrased a little...but it was just too good!

"Before God put Adam into the garden, He "Formed" him. There's a process of preparation God takes us through in order to make us what we need to be. But preperation takes time. God must deal with our inconsistencies, personality defects, areas of distrust, unresolved childhood issues, scars, flaws, etc. How long does it take? Only God knows. Admit it; you still recognize some childish ways in yourself? Anybody else would have given up on you, but God has a plan and He's committed to it. We should all wear a sign that says: "Work in progress, if you hire me you need to know that. If you marry me, you need to know that."
The tools he uses to form you are the experiences you go through in life. They shape and alter you. And the more you keep trying to have it your way, the longer the process takes.
God's got some stuff planted that you haven't seen or experienced. You're still becoming what he planted. Knowing that reinforces your faith and that it will happen. It also means God believes in you - even when you don't believe in yourself. There are talents in you that haven't been discovered and dreams that haven't been fulfilled. That's what the battle is about! The devil is fighting you over your destiny. He knows what's been planted in you and he's trying to kill the seed. Don't let him. You're not the person you'll be six months or six years from now, because there's a time factor, everything doesn't come to harvest at the same time. You have to have faith and patience, otherwise you'll miss what God has for you.
You need to look in the mirror and announce, "There's something in me that hasn't come out yet. God, help me to be steadfast until you pull out of me what you planted in me."
Today God may be saying to you, "I've prepared you, placed you where you need to be, planted blessings in your life that are scheduled to come up at different times, but now you've got to work it." You have to go through your own struggles and shed your own tears. You've got to take care of what God has given you. When you walk with God he'll protect and prosper you, even in hard times. But you've still got to "work it." There's nothing wrong with your life - except that you're expecting God to do things he's expecting you to do."

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  1. Hi Michelle - loved your new word struffles! I think it should be adopted. I suppose some would disagree theologically with the last paragraph of the devotional. Do we have a responsiblity to "do and work" or to "be and trust". There are examples of both. God is faithful to hold us up when we lean into Him and faithful to walk with us when it seems He's silent. He's bigger than our understanding - that's what makes Him God! So glad you're looking to Him for answers.


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