Monday, September 8, 2008


So I played tennis yesterday. I think it's been about a year since I've picked up a raquet...yet James, Ben, Jessie & I spent two hours playing!! It was so much fun (even though I suck)! But today...I AM SORE!! Oh my word, my arm hurts so bad! I couldn't even lift the milk in my fridge this morning! lol. Even writing is killing me. Taking notes tonight in class should be interesting!

Saturday night I had a wedding and Jess went with me...then we went to Ben's and watched Season 4 of The Office! The four of us (Ben, James, Jess & I) then actually "played" soccer in Bens front yard...if you can believe that :) And by played I mean...kicked the ball around. lol. Keep in mind this is like one thirty in the morning. Then we went downtown and had pizza at Pie Hole....which was actually really good and super busy! We sat out on a bench because there wasn't any seating outside.

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