Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I like to think there are many different kinds of milestones in our lives. We all value different things, and we reach them at different times. Nobody's milestones are the same...they are each unique to us. Which you gotta admit is why they're great :) Well this might seem weird, but my car (or Torree, as she's more affectionately called) reached a milestone of her own this weekend. As I was driving home from my parents house she hit the big 55,555! Yup, she's in her late 50's now. Oh, you didn't know that was milestone? Hmm...guess that ones all mine then! I've been waiting for this for a long time :) When I got Torree she already had 8,000 miles so this is my first opportunity to see her with all 5's across the dash. It's a big deal people!
Don't worry, I realize how weird I sound. Anyways...the actual event only lasted about 56 seconds, but fear not...I have forever preserved this milestone! In fact in that 56 seconds I managed to get about 8 different shots, so if this one doesn't do it for you I can offer you some other options. I will warn you though, they're all at about this same level of awesomeness :)

Pretty cool, huh?! :) Oh and I accomplished a few things of my own this weekend! Stay tuned!

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