Thursday, May 27, 2010

PICTURES! (London)

London was definitely at the top of my list! I could have stayed there for weeks & been perfectly happy.
So we move from the country to the city! One of the most expensive cities in the world and our accommodations jumped WAY up! Don't ask me how that happens, cause let me tell you, we are cheap :)
This washer/dryer came in real handy after 4 days in the country :) Although, we're not sure anyone actually has the time to use a dryer here! Let me tell you, takes FOREVER!
We even had a view...yup, right on the Thames!

2 Bathrooms...

And even 2 bedrooms!


  1. OMG! Where did you stay? That is a fab hotel or rental!

  2. Yeah it was really nice! It was a vacation rental/condo type thing. It was at Canary Wharf, so not necessarily close to downtown, but only a 2 minute walk from the tube so it worked out great!


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