Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom, flowers & projects

I live 450 miles away from home so seeing my mom on mother's day isn't something that normally happens. But this year my cousin graduated from NNU on Saturday so my parents were here for the weekend...and mother's day!

I picked up some flowers for her on Friday before they got into town & decided to grab some for my house also. This is her bouquet. Love that color!

I love fresh flowers inside but never seem to spend the money to actually keep them around very often. It was fun to take a small $3 bouquet from Fred Meyer & turn it into 3 different arrangements around my bedroom.

I also like to take advantage of any time my dad comes to town to get some help around the house (yes he still loves me anyway) ;) I don't think he knew any one person could have so many different projects always in motion in a 1500 sq ft house! But even though he doesn't think he's the handiest man alive at least he's a good sport :) We worked on a board & batten project (in my stairwell) I've had brewing for awhile. It's not done by any means but we got a great start on it!

Lots of painting & the bottom paneling still left to do...but the center rail is up!

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