Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prayer Request

My grandpa Slonaker went in for double knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago. The plan was to recover for 2 weeks in a rehab facility while he regained his strength. However, once he was moved to the rehab center he had a stroke (or so they thought). It looks like now that it wasn't actually a stroke because he recovered so quickly...but that doesn't change the fact that something caused him to lose all function in his body, as well as speech. He was recovering and doing therapy again after the stroke, but a week later, this Sunday he had his legs propped up in a wheelchair and went to move them and tipped the chair backwards. Causing him to fall on his head. They have determined the accident caused a fracture in the vertabrea and therefore all his therapy has been halted. He has been placed in a neck brace and will be moved to Spokane on Friday to meet with a neuro-surgeon and discuss his options. Needless to say, this has been a difficult time for our family. My mom has spent a week in Colfax with them, but left Friday saying Grandma can hardly take care of herself let alone Grandpa also. Someone needs to be there with them most all the time. My aunts and uncles have been rotating visiting and my cousins came up from California to be there last weekend. It has been great the amount of time people have been able to spend there, but until Friday when my dad goes over to consult with the neuro-surgeon there is no family there. Grandpa had a hard enough time recovering from this surgery...we are not sure that his heart can handle another surgery so soon. Please pray that they will be able to help him without operating on his neck, that his body can handle this extra stress. And for all the family that is sick with worry and indecision over what we can do to help during this time.

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