Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its been 3 weeks...

...since I planted all those living green things in my yard. I just thought you all should know that they are ALL still alive! My pumpkin has 2 huge flowers, the pepper plant has about 10 buds! And even the zinnia & strawberry are starting to flower :) Yay! But most importantly, though it may have had a really rough first day, the hydrangea is doing great! The Monday after I planted it was the hottest day of the year and I went home from work to find a very dry, droopy, burnt plant. It was quite tragic. However, with a little love and LOTS of water it is looking beautiful again! And has many new blooms, each with lots of gorgeous flowers! And of course the resilient palm is doing fine - I try and give it the minimal attention it requested! Also, Stephanie received a pink hydrangea from one of her students on the last day of school so we now have two! Hers isn't blooming yet, but we'll get it there :) I have to say...even though I've always hated gardening and anytype of yard work, I am really enjoying these plants! And even mowing the lawn and killing/pulling the weeds. One other new thing I've discovered about myself, now that I'm a home owner!

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