Sunday, August 10, 2008

The final day...

It is officially the last day of summer! At least for me...although I guess maybe that was Wednesday seeing as that is when I received my first homework assignment! But either way, I start class tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about that...haha. But as James pointed out to me, the sooner I get started, the sooner I am finished! I am looking forward to that. Although, knowing me I will probably never be "finished". Once classes are done I start studying for the CPA and probably also the CMA exam. And I've always wanted to do some architecture/drafting so will probably do some refresher courses for that. We shall see. Speaking of CPA...I received a call from a guy I worked with during my internship @ Bureau of Reclamation. He called me about 6 months ago when he took over the 'Financial Officer's' position, that he would be looking for an accountant to take his old position...basically asking if I would be interested. Well at that time I was really unhappy with my current job and kind of took that random call as a sign that I have no reason to stay somewhere I feel treated unfairly, when there are plenty of places I can work....especially with my degree. Well, I have a commitment with my current boss--so leaving isn't so easy and I won't go out looking for a different job. And I am more content now, then I was 6 months some employees have been let go. However, I am still bored and very unchallenged. And feel as though I've learned everything there I'm going to. Plus one of the biggest things for me is that the controller at my office does NOT have his CPA, so before I can get mine I will have to change jobs. (You have to work under a CPA for a year in order to receive your license). And the Financial Officer at BOR does have his CPA...a HUGE selling point for me! I dont want to take the 4 very difficult tests and then not be able to get my license, because the guy above me could never pass his exam. But anyway the financial officer called again last week and he has FINALLY been given permission to post the job (It's government, I tell you they're slow!) Wondering if I was still interested and what not. Well I wasn't so sure when I got the phone call...but over the weekend I have decided that it is in my best interest to apply and (hopefully) interview for the job. Even if I don't get offered the position, or don't decide to take the job, it will give me experience interviewing and just finding out more about other jobs out there. I am one of those people that doesn't see the point in changing something when what you have works fine. So taking a step to be vulnerable and put myself out there doesn't come natural for me. I hate interviews. I hate applying for jobs and the pressure and stress that go with that. But I also understand that if I am ever going to achieve the things I want or gain more experience...I need to be willing to do just that. And through various things this weekend I've felt God showing me that he leads, I just simply need to be willing to follow. He's in charge, so why should it surprise me that someone calls and asks me to apply for a job?

Well other then that...I am enjoying this last weekend so much! Both of my roommates are gone this weekend, so I have had the house to myself. I love it! Seriously I am one of those people that could go days without seeing another person and be perfectly, I'm not so sure that's a good thing...but it's how it is :) I made full out breakfast's both mornings (blueberry coffee cake, bacon, honeydew melon)...I went shopping today and found two large vases to surround the fireplace. I've been looking for some forever...and just haven't been willing to spend fifty bucks on one! However, these were clearance at the craft store and only 12 dollars a piece! They are glass and a gorgeous shape...i love it! so then I found some long stems and dried pieces to fill them. Kind of just natural colored grasses and stuff with one DEEP red sunflower in each. So cool! Then I also got some pins to use with an extra bulletin board I have to hang my jewelry up. It turned out really cool...I like it alot. It's like art and practical and just plain cute all at the same time! It also makes my jewlery a lot easier to see and use then before :)

Finished Product:

And now I am on my way to my cousin Ken & Carmens for the evening. We are doing dinner and a movie! I love them...they are so fun! Oh and I'm taking leftover ice cream pie that I made for the game night Thursday. Which by the way was a blast! Rebecca, Jordan, Dax, Sean, Erika, James and Kevin all came over and we played "Who? What? Where?", "Pit", & "Ticket to Ride"...which I won :) lol. But yeah, I have been cooking up a storm this weekend! haha. I tried two new recipes I found online, plus the ice cream pie, plus the blueberry coffee not like me :) But it's so fun...I love to cook and bake, especially trying new recipes, I just hate to do it for one person!

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  1. Hey Michelle - love to cook? What's that all about? Seriously, it's fun for me to see you enjoying being a hostess and spend time in the kitchen and I'm so impressed with your decorating skills. I guess you don't worry about someone at your work reading your blog? I don't know much how these work but can anyone get on them?


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