Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I must be crazy, but I just realized I never put any pictures up from my trip to Europe AFTER London! We were stranded in London thanks to the volcano in Iceland, so there was no flying to Italy like we had originally planned...well we're good ol' Northwest American girls, so what do we decide to do? We'll drive! No big deal! (the British folks we stayed with thought we were nuts, telling us they wouldn't consider driving farther than 2-3 hours in one day!) And the guy at the rental car company told us the 300 mile jaunt to Scotland (we took before we knew the volcano would be lasting awhile) would take us DAYS!! Days I tell you...they thought we were nuts! (It took us about 5 hours to make it to Edinburgh)

So rather than seeing England & Italy like planned, we got to experience England, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland and finally Italy! It was great! Thankfully we were in the middle of our vacation when the volcano blew and not at the beginning or end like a lot of people. There were many sad/tragic stories in the airport as everyone tried to figure out what to do

This is Heathrow of the world's busiest!
And this is how the whole place looked! It was kinda eery...

I worked hard for this picture :)

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