Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Cap

This week has been an especially difficult one in my family. About 2 weeks ago my grandpa was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer, and last Thursday the doctor told the family that we needed to come now if we wanted to see him alive. That’s less than 10 days from when we even knew he was sick! And by Friday night he was gone! It was so unbelievably fast!

My cousins and I drove up together on Friday to see him, and Saturday morning we were able to take home a few things to remember grandpa by. Well in his garage he had one wall lined at the top with nails, and each nail had 3-4 hats hanging from hit. Now, some of these hats were probably 50 years old…some of them much newer. But as grandkids we all decided that was one thing we all wanted! A cap of grandpa’s. He had so many, and as kids that’s one thing that sticks in my mind, is all the hats in grandpa’s garage J As we were picking out the ones we wanted to take home I found this on the garage wall…

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