Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Seeing Holly this weekend was a much added bonus :) She is into airplanes at the moment. Any time she sees or hears one she stops, points & says "airpane". It was especially fun this weekend because our hotel was really close to the airport. Lots of opportunities to see planes :) Even when we were at the zoo...she would stop to watch them as they flew over.

Its amazing how fast she changes! She was talking in July when I saw her, but nothing more than one word. This weekend she learned mom & my names. Calls mom "Kar" and me "Shell". It is so sweet, I don't think there is any other voice I'd rather hear. As I'm walking next to her stroller, she just looks up at me "Hi Shell". It melts your heart.
We went to the zoo Sunday morning before we all went our separate ways. It was so fun to take Holly. She loves to make all the animal sounds. As we walked up to the cows she started mooing :) And her monkey impression is priceless! Although her Lion roar is great too! I think that may be my favorite. She was far from scared of anything we saw...trying to get as close as possible to everything.
Talking to the Cheetahs...

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