Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its stolen...

I saw this on a blog I found...and I feel like she read my mind. And did a better job of expressing it then I usually do. This is me.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I'm feeling totally depleted. So this morning I decided to refuel. Well as you can see, with bagel and coffee but also with some nourishment for my soul.

I have to tell you, when I am getting a little low and running on fumes, I am not the nicest person. All I think about is me, me, me. Anyone else know what I am talking about or brave enough to admit it? It's really not a great site and I'm really no fun to be around. I don't even like to be around myself when I'm like this.

But thankfully, and finally, I've noticed this little pattern and though I might be a day or two late in recognizing it, I try to catch it and correct it.

For me, it is always time by myself. Even if it is just an hour. Time to hear myself think. Time to read and get some new perspective and some guidance. Time to write. And time to just be. And without a doubt a little time with just me always gets my thinking off of me. Life is pretty miserable and unfulfilled when it is alwaysfocused on "ME."

So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, crabby, maybe?, and your all consumed with yourself...then maybe you do need a little more "ME" time by yourself to refuel. I'm going to get back to that right now.

And I'm excited to see what kind of inspiration I'm going to come up with. I know I want to do something special/helpful for someone in need this week. It would be fun if you all join me....and maybe at the end of the week we can share stories and ideas!

Have a beautiful week! xx

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