Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 more days...and then life gets REALLY crazy!

Only 3 more days of February. Wow, where has it gone? In my work mind that means we are almost to the end of 1st Quarter, how is that possible! I just finished filing year end taxes, now I have to get ready to do it all over again? Please no! And someone convince Obama that changing every tax form in the history of business is NOT a great idea! No matter how much it means in my pocket everyweek! Oh right, an average of $13, which for me will mean about $6 I'm sure...then you take taxes out of that...and nope, sorry I'd rather keep the old tax forms and be done with it! Please!

But really the end of February means the beginning of one of the craziest months of my life, I am sure! Friday afternoon I leave at 3 for Donnelly to be a cabin leader at our church's youth winter retreat! Should be fun, but above all exhausting! I know I will come back living on very few hours of sleep...its only 2 nights right? How much sleep could I lose? :)
Then next weekend, my dad, sister and brother come to visit! WooHoo! Or I should say they come to move me...lucky them! Yes, that's right they're driving 450 miles to work all weekend. Gotta love family! I'm so excited they are all coming, its going to be so much fun but the moving and shopping will for sure make for another crazy weekend!! I ordered my new mattress and refrigerator this week so that we will have both of those things at the new house for the weekend they are here...I suppose they will want to eat at some point :)
Then if that isn't enough, the next weekend my mom comes! We are going to paint and unpack and everything in my new house! Unfortunately for her she couldn't come the weekend before with the rest of the family, but lucky for me I get to spend two weekends with my family! She's coming Thursday so I'm going to take Friday off work to spend more time with her! Another fun weekend!
And, no wait, that's not all...the next weekend, Jessie, Stephanie & I leave for California for Spring Break! Which will be awesome! We are going to Elk Grove (Sacramento area), where Jessie is from to spend time in her town :) They're going for the whole week but I come back Tuesday night to go back to work! We have lots of fun things planned for those four days! Of course! :) Sunday night we are going to Forever Plaid, a musical at some cool place in Sacramento!? Don't really know...but it sounds exciting!
And then the month will have flown by! I will finally get a weekend at home...with nothing going on...wonder if I will just sleep away that last Saturday of March?! Welcome April! Time moves so fast, I wish there was a way I could simply stop it for savor these last 2 months of (semi) college life...

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