Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free time!

So I have found something to occupy all that ‘extra’ time I have now :) I’m not so sure my muscles are liking me at the moment, but I am definitely enjoying myself! I have worked out at least once a day all week, and twice 3 of the days! But it has been awesome, because I am not one that likes to just hit the treadmill…that drives me crazy! I can’t do it for longer then 20 minutes, I just can’t. But Steph & Jess have been going to classes at the Rec Center since last semester…but they have always been Monday & Wednesday, and I could never go because of class! Well not anymore! :) So Monday and Friday at 4:30 is Jazzercise, which I thought I would have a hard time getting to ontime, but so far its been okay. I guess they start a few minutes late for that reason so I haven’t been horribly late, yet! And then Wednesday evening and Saturday morning is Zumba, which is a new latin/hip hop/reggae class. Very entertaining! And fun to do :) And although I HATE treadmills or anything in that general area, I love lifting weights…so I’ve been doing that Tuesday and Thursday. But then this week also began the long awaited games of racquet ball! Saturday Erika, Jess & I all went to James and we played doubles. Kevin & James have a court in their apt. clubhouse, so its very convenient! It was so fun, and definitely hilarious but it was the first time Jess & I had played (or at least played by the rules) so it was mainly just trying to figure that out. But then Monday night and last night Jess & I went back over and with just the three of us played cut throat, giving Jessie & I a lot more playing time, and opportunity to figure out what we’re doing! James kind of just stood at the back wall and offered some coaching advice for most of the evening :) Probably not very fun for him, but very nice nonetheless! Gave us a chance to really get a feel for it, and of course chase the ball a lot! But I feel a lot better after that, at least kind of have a start on the mental part of the game and reading the ball, plus got the serving and such down. Definitely a fun way to work out!! Of course the driving to Boise to play at 9pm doesn’t help with the whole sleep schedule…oops. But I don’t seem to be tired when we’re playing that late, just the next morning when the alarm goes off 5 hours after we got home! I’ve had to wear my glasses to work for the first hour both days, because my contacts have to be in the peroxide for at least 6 hours in order to neutralize and they haven’t had that much time!

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