Friday, October 3, 2008

Where's the rain?!

Well the weekend in Oregon was great!! And of course the one time I'm in Portland this is yes, beautiful! 85, sunshine...all 4 days!! Now, I know, if I was a normal person I would be very excited about this course of fate. However, I am not normal...I was hoping for at least some cooler weather, and ideally a little rain! I have been waiting for fall for now 4 long months...and my one weekend outside of Boise, to the coast...yup it's still nice outside! :)
Well one nice thing about the weather was we were able to spend lots of time outside...the kids could play on the playground and we all went swimming, and down to the river to throw rocks...and of course some went golfing :) Well the 3 little cousins are as cute as ever!

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