Monday, October 13, 2008


Yup, that's right! We had snow this weekend!! Friday night it snowed in even stuck! And then Saturday we went to Twin Falls and it snowed ALL day! It was so much fun!!

Katelyn came for the weekend! It was SOOOO much fun! We wanted to go camping in McCall, but with the snow warning decided that wouldn't be the best instead James mom invited us to their home in Twin Falls. We headed over there Sat. morning and spent the day was gorgeous! The canyon, parks, waterfalls, lakes...amazing! And the snow flurries made it that much more interesting :) It was so much fun to be outside...played on the swings, danced on the docks, climbed up the rocks, watched parachuters jump off the bridge, snow ball fights, launched rockets, hot tubbed, and crammed six people into Torree! lol.

It's always interesting to me how relationships just sort of develop, out of nowhere. Its been so much fun to get to know these guys over the last few months and see the influence Christ can have in relationships. It was great to get to go to their hometown and meet their parents and go to church with them...I love to watch God create the unexpected :)

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  1. You have seen more of Twin than I have, and I am there at least every other week for work! You bring to memory some fun college trip I had! Such fun times--


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