Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas at home

I'm sitting right here in front of the tree tonight...there really is
nothing quite like a fire and a Christmas tree!

Can I keep it up all year? I love it! That little lamb is from my first Christmas :)

And some other places with a little Christmas cheer!

When you first walk in the front door...

I picked up this nativity set last year after Christmas, I think its so sweet!
I love that it includes the shepherd and angel.

I placed the tree in front of the window this year, which I love from outside
but it required some major rearranging of the living room!

Every year for Christmas my grandma has given me a music box...
so as of today I have quite the collection!

I love unpacking them every year and listening to them all

It really doesn't feel like Christmas for me until I've put them up

And my attempt to rid the living room of flowers (don't worry, just for winter!)
I replaced the artwork with stockings for the season!

And I have to admit I really like them :)

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