Monday, August 2, 2010

Gallery Walls

I attempted a gallery wall in my living room this weekend...I've been wanting to for awhile, but needed to acquire lots of frames first :) But not wanting to spend a lot of money on them I was waiting to find some great deals! Or better yet, some free ones! And by golly I found them! From none other than mom :) She sent me home with a box full the last time I went to visit, so then it was just a matter of painting them! Hopefully I'll get some completed pictures up this week, I'm waiting for a couple pictures I ordered to actually fill the frames :)

Here's some great wall galleries...ah, inspiration!

Have you guys attempted any art walls? Or how bout those ones in the staircase...I think that's so cool! But I have no idea how hanging all those frames above the stairs would ever be accomplished!

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  1. We actually attempted this, this weekend with my husbands Man Cave. We hung a hockey stick and baseball bat to break up the frames and it turned out great! Can't wait to see what you do with the frames!


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