Thursday, June 24, 2010

No, its still not done!

So way back in May I showed you guys the project my poor Father got suckered into while he was here for Mother's Day...well he finished his part that weekend! I, on the other hand, still haven't COMPLETELY finished mine! However, it is at a point now where it is finished enough that it actually looks decent and no one but me knows it isn't complete.

I finished all the painting...and trying to reach the top corners of a stairwell (when you're 5'1") is quite the feat! Wow...never thought I'd accomplish it alone, but alas it is all covered in a coat (or two) of pecan sandie!

This picture below actually shows the one part of the wall (under the thermostat) that was the nemesis of this project! We could NOT find a stud anywhere along that piece of wood! There are seriously probably 15-20 nails in the space of those 2 feet! And still NO stud! My Dad was not happy!
I then painted the railing Dad put up...the end goal is to have the bottom have "board & batten" in the color that was already on the walls and trim. So in order to give it all a polished look, and leave it until I have time to complete the rest, I pained the railing the color of all my trim. Now if I could only get up the nerve (and find a block of time) I might get the vertical planks put up this summer! And because of the aforementioned stud issues I will definitely be using liquid nails to secure the rest!

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