Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Gray is taking over! It seems gray will become the taupe of the past decade. As trends change I seem to see gray more and more. In paint colors, furniture coverings, artwork, industrial fixtures…As a girl who's always loved Black & White I am more than ready for this shift!

I can't tell you why, but I have always been drawn to cooler colors…perhaps something about relaxing & calming but more so I think is the fact that warm colors just DO NOT appeal to me. Nothing against all the brown lovers out there, brown definitely has its place and is beautiful in its own right...but I "live" so much more comfortably in cooler climates. Maybe its my love of darkness & night time? Or my wariness of the sun? I know, I'm weird...I just so prefer being cool to being warm.

Either way, I am so excited to see how gray shapes the next trend in design…and love how great it looks with my fav, black! Now does someone want to come help me turn my living room into this?!

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  1. I noticed this also! I was seeing a trend in magazines lately. I just love the different shades. So much can be done with it!


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