Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010?! What?! How'd that happen?!

Wow, 2009 is almost gone! And it's been forever since I've written anything...my bad.
Well the work issue has resolved itself, and ended with a new position for me! It's great! I'm busier, more challenged, have more responsibility...and the authority to...well do anything I want, pretty much ;) jk. No, but really, its been great. And what I've been waiting for since I started here.

My family just left yesterday, after spending Christmas at my house! It was wonderful! One of the best Christmases I can ever remember! It was so much fun to have them all here :) And mom and dad brought some surprises of their own...including a fireplace for me! It is awesome! It's so cute and the perfect size for my living room. It is also VERY warm! Which is great because the lower level of my house is always cold! We also moved into the next century this weekend, with the Blu-ray player they got me! Very cool!

Well good-bye 2009 and welcome 2010!! Here's to the New Year!

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