Friday, March 20, 2009

One week!

I received the keys to my house one week ago today! It has been quite an eventful week! So much fun! My friends all came over Friday night and we got the entire downstairs painted! Saturday my family all helped me move and Sunday we did lots of little things around the house, like hanging blinds, etc. Monday & Tuesday I spent the entire day in bed, sick! And I do mean entire day...I did not leave my bed at all between 11pm Sunday night and 6:45am Tuesday morning. I started getting sick Thursday, and I think trying to do a lot this weekend, while being sick just made it that much worse! I was so weak, it was awful! I am still pretty sick, but have at least worked the last 3 days :) As long as it stays at this 'cold' stage I'm okay....I'm hoping the 'flu' part is gone for good! But despite the oh so fun illness amidst everything else, this week has been so much fun! And I love my new house! It has been nice to have an entire week there all by myself...and I never would have guessed how nice it would be to have my own bathroom! haha. And one connected to my room...ah, it's amazing! I love it! I will have to take some pictures of the house, now that its more then white walls and empty floors! That is once I find my camera!! That is still one important thing that I haven't found in a box yet...hmmm...where could I have put it! Well better find it quick...
Tomorrow morning Stephanie, Jessie & I get on a plane to California! Will definitely need my camera for that!!

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